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New Places
On December 10, 2021, Nikolai Olshansky released his debut album, New Places. A sincere, eloquent, and heart-to-heart statement from one of Russia's most talented jazz double bassists.

The recording featured key figures of modern Russian jazz, with huge success both in Russia and abroad: the brilliant pianist and composer Dmitry Ilugdin and his constant partner in the Ilugdin Trio, the virtuoso drummer Pyotr Ivshin.

The guitar was played by Maxim Shibin, whose soulfulness and crystal sound were highly praised by music critics; the saxophone was played by Albert Sabirzyanov, a modern jazz expert and multiple competition winner.This is the permanent line-up of the Nikolai Olshansky Quintet, which has existed since 2020. In addition, the album features a string ensemble and the Armenian brass instrument, the duduk, played by Emmanuel Hovannissian.
Why New Places? A word to the author:

"Harmony and balance are things we constantly strive for, but can never achieve. I find this balance in silence. Only there can I organize my thoughts and heal myself. And out of silence, the music is born!

The album "New Places" is not only about the places where we can travel to for emotions and impressions. These are the places we invent, where we seek freedom, beauty and tranquility." ©
"Nikolai Olshanski is one of the brightest representatives of the new generation of Russian jazz musicians."
His unique style, mastery, and artistic philosophy allowed him to win the top award at the prestigious "Usadba Jazz 2019" contest and receive an invitation to be a member of the legendary Georgy Garanian and Anatoly Kroll's big bands.

Nikolai has also performed with globally known musicians, such as Valery Ponomarev and Josh Evans. Olshanski has a reputation for being an understanding and energetic sideman.

His newfound experience provided him with the opportunity and the right to perform music that had previously only existed in his head.As a result, Olshansky's compositions have formed a full-length concert program, which is presented to the public more and more often. According to Nikolai, he was strongly influenced by Avishai Cohen and E.S.T. Someone will find other influences, but these are only details. The main thing: Olshansky's music is lively, powerful and subtle at the same time, with a strong emotional basis and a lot of nuances, revealed with the participation of stars of the newest jazz wave.
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Nikolai Olshansky

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